Curriculum / Syllabus to be followed in

  1. In Sha Allah we aim to bring a better change in our community through Quality Education. Initially we are focusing on Primary Education in rural areas.
  2. The primary curriculum of will be completed in 5 years/10 semesters( 2 semesters each year).
  3. Each course will be completed in maximum of 40 lectures each semesters.
  4. Students in the age range of approximately 8 years will be admitted in the first semester and will be taught for the next five years.Till the completion of Curriculum, the approx. age of students would be 13 years. Then for the next two years, the same students would be taught in standard 9th and 10th and would be allowed to appear for Matriculation board exams at age of 15 yrs.
  5. The syllabus of will incorporate Dars-e-Nizami of conventional Madaris and at the same time will also include subjects from Modern schools.
  6. The Hifz-e-Quran part will be optionally available to those students who qualify a basic screening test for Hifz. After competition of Course such students would also be a Hafiz of Quran.
  7. Anonymous feedback system from students will be incorporated for improvement in syllabus.The exam Answer sheets would always be shown and discussed with students.
  8. A centralized library consisting of many books on same topic would gradually be started and the idea of curriculum would be to teach different topics only, further in-depth study would depend on interest of individual student.
  9. The main idea is to make every enrolled student academically resourceful.
  10. Further details will be updated as per suggestions/ideas from like minded people.

1st Semester

  1. Aqeedah
  2. Seerah (Story Based)
  3. Basic Urdu
  4. Basic Hindi
  5. Basic English
  6. Mathematics
  7. *Hifz (Optional) (General Niyat orientation and working on Tajweej


2nd Semester

  1. Arabic (basic reading/ writing)
  2. Qanoon -e- Shariyat
  3. English
  4. Seerat & akhlaqiyat
  5. SST/EVS/GK etc (self designed & all in one course)
  6. Computer
  7. Hifz (optional) Discussion of hifz techniques and memorization of 80% Quranic words

3rd Semester

  1. Quranic Arabic Grammar
  2. Hindi Literature
  3. English Communication
  4. Seerah
  5. Tajweej Quran
  6. Mathematics
  7. * Hifz (Optional) Para 1 to 5

4th Semester

  1. Urdu Literature (including Shikwa and jawab e shikwa)
  2. Persian Introduction
  3. English Literature (Islamic context)
  4. Usool e Fiqh
  5. Computer Modern Syllabus
  6. Arabic
  7. *Hifz (Optional) Para 6 to 10

5th Semester

  1. Qirat
  2. Tafseer
  3. English
  4. Hadeeth (including Usool e hadeeth)
  5. SST +Geograpgy
  6. Mathematics
  7. Takreer and Speech (eloquence)
  8. *Hifz (Optional) para 11 to 15

6th Semester

  1. Science
  2. Fiqh
  3. Islamic History
  4. Arabic Literature (beginners)
  5. Tafseer
  6. Hadeeth
  7. Urdu Literature
  8. *Hifz (Optional) para 16 to 20

7th Semester

  1. Science
  2. Fiqh
  3. Miskat Shareef (Hadeeth)
  4. Qaseeda Burdah and similar texts
  5. Social Studies(SST)
  6. Mathematics
  7. *Hifz (Optional) para 20 to 25

8th Semester

  1. Science
  2. Computer
  3. Islamic History
  4. Modern Lectures
  5. Tafseer
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. Urdu Literature
  8. *Hifz (Optional) para 25 to 30

9th Semester

  1. Kashful Mahjoob
  2.  project work (equivalent to two courses)
  3. Volunteer activities
  4. Physics
  5. Chemistry
  6. Mathematics
  7. *Hifz (Optional) 

10th Semester

  1. Futuhul Gaib
  2. Madarijun Nabuwat
  3. Persian
  4. General Awareness like bank forms railways etc
  5. Biology
  6. Imamat and leadership
  7. intro to Islamic banking and finance
  8. *Hifz (Optional)


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